560.AL/2–2346: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in the United Kingdom (Gallman)


1806. For Hawkins. Reurtel 2233, Feb 23. 1. Dept agrees Sept 1 satisfactory date which can reasonably be held to barring unforeseen [Page 1294] developments re other current matters and you may so inform British.43

2. Dept is considering desirability of holding a short session of Preparatory Committee to last not more than a few days sometime in June or July possibly immediately following second session of ECOSOC. Main purpose of meeting, which might be in New York, would be to exchange ideas on preparations for and procedural aspects of full meeting in September. Additional purposes would be to bring out general reactions to Proposals and to offset somewhat loss in sense of urgency and importance tending to result from postponement of definitive negotiations until September while retaining advantages of having tariff negotiations in progress at same time as discussion on other points. Please telegraph your reactions to this proposal.

  1. Other discussions between the Embassy and the Board of Trade followed in March. London was finally selected as the site for the conference.