Department of State Atomic Energy Files

Memorandum by the Acting Secretary of State (Acheson) to President Truman

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You will recall that the Secretary spoke with you about a meeting of the Combined Policy Committee at which there was discussion regarding the meaning of the memorandum of November 16 initialed by you and the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and Canada. This involves interpretation of the phrase “full and effective cooperation in the field of atomic energy”. The attached letter from Mr. Stone, Counselor of the Canadian Embassy, is directed to that point. Mr. Stone and the Canadian Ambassador have told me that Mr. Attlee communicated with Mr. Mackenzie King urging him to take a strong position on the interpretation of this document. Mr. King declined to do so and this letter is, I believe, a method of escaping from the predicament of undertaking any interpretation at all.

Dean Acheson

The Counselor of the Canadian Embassy (Stone) to the Under Secretary of State (Acheson)

Dear Mr. Acheson: You will recall that at the last meeting of the Combined Policy Committee it was decided to ask for clarification of the interpretation of the Agreement of November 16th between the President, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Prime Minister of Canada concerning “full and effective co-operation in the field of atomic energy”.

In the Ambassador’s absence in Canada, I am instructed to say that Mr. Mackenzie King’s understanding of the Agreement in this respect is indicated by the fact that the Canadian authorities, both during the [Page 1245] war and in the postwar period, have provided the United States authorities with full information on all Canadian activities in this field. In particular, the United States authorities have had access to full information as to developments at Chalk River. In fact, a United States official is stationed there permanently and is in a position to secure a complete picture of the work going forward in the plant.

Yours very sincerely,

Thomas A. Stone