855.646/4–1846: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Belgium ( Kirk )

top secret

458. Reference your telegram 481 April 18 British have been considering this same problem in London and here and we have discussed it with them. I share your apprehensions that disclosure of our agreement may be forced by events and that so far as possible we should have a definite plan to forestall criticism. However, pending clarification of basic questions of policy especially as affecting United Nations action on atomic energy, it is our hope that Spaak will not be forced to make disclosures. If at any time he feels that he cannot further postpone some kind of public statement we hope that he can give you and your British colleague sufficient notice so that we and [Page 1244] British can have time to consult with Spaak and determine whether we need to take any concurrent action.70

  1. In telegram 530, May 2, Mr. Kirk reported that the views expressed in the present telegram had been transmitted orally to Mr. Spaak, who had concurred in the desirability of delaying a statement and had agreed to inform the United States and United Kingdom Ambassadors in advance of any action on his part (855.646/5–546).