501.AA/7–1246: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Acting United States Representative at the United Nations (Johnson)


140. Amdel. Re first para urtel 418, July 12, 8:15 p.m. 1. Our attitude toward membership application Mongolian People’s Republic remains as indicated to you in Deptel 108, June 24, 1946, namely that [Page 417] we wish neither to encourage nor to discourage the application, but that if pressed we might vote favorably. Nor do we wish advise China concerning attitude it shall assume in matter. Dept has not suggested nor instructed Emb Nanking to suggest to Chinese that they actively sponsor MPR application.

Regarding reported secret agreement, we note that Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Assistance between USSR and Outer Mongolia, signed Feb 27, 1946 seems to authorize presence of Soviet troops in Outer Mongolia. Text of treaty published in Dept Bulletin, June 2, 1946, page 968. You may wish to inquire from Dr. Quo whether this is Agreement referred to.
Published text Sino-Soviet Treaty Agreement of Aug 14, 1945,12 to which Dr. Quo apparently refers, contains no provision pledging parties to support an application for membership by Outer Mongolia.
Dr. Tan Shao-hwa, Min Chinese Emb, July 13, stated Chinese Govt not disposed raise objection to MPR admission but does not feel present moment is opportune for China to work for MPR’s admission.
  1. Treaty of friendship and alliance between the Republic of China and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, signed at Moscow, August 14, 1945, together with related agreements of the same date; Department of State, United States Relations With China (Department of State Publication 3573, Far Eastern Series 30; Washington, released August, 1949), pp. 585 ff., or United Nations Treaty Series, vol. 10, p. 300.