893.5034 Registration/5–1245: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Hurley)

740. 1. Department is giving careful consideration to the suggestions set forth in paragraph 1 of Embs 765 of May 12, 6 a.m. However, Robertson,21 who expects to leave for Chungking on May 18 should be able to follow this question closely.

2. Please continue to press both the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Economic Affairs for the early promulgation of simple and reasonable registration regulations. However, [Page 1215] you should indicate that American firms having representatives in China are of course prepared to register with the appropriate Chinese authorities but in view of the fact that the Chinese Government is actively engaged in the study of this question preparatory to the issuance of new regulations, it is requested that the Chinese Government agree to simple interim registration by American firms pending the promulgation of new regulations. In this connection the National Foreign Trade Council has suggested that American firms might submit the following information.

Name of corporation or company.
Place of incorporation.
Principal place of business.
Type of business.
Principal office in China.
Name and address of person in charge of principal office in China.

This information might be communicated to the appropriate Chinese authorities over the signature of the company’s representative in China.

3. Department has noted from your 774 of May 14, 8 a.m.22 (Standard Vacuum Oil Co’s message) that British firms are already said to be registering. In view of desirability of American and British firms proceeding along similar lines the Department believes it would be advisable for the Embassy to discuss this question with appropriate officers of the British Embassy informing them of nature of further representations which you have been authorized to make, particularly with reference to interim registration, and suggesting that British and American firms agree if possible on the nature and type of information to be supplied and the form in which it should be presented to the Chinese authorities.

4. Please keep the Department fully informed of any further developments.

  1. Walter S. Robertson, recently appointed Minister-Counselor of Economic Affairs.
  2. Not printed.