893.00/11–3045: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Harriman ) to the Secretary of State

4018. For Atcheson, Acting Political Adviser [Japan]. Full translation follows of Tass despatch Changchun, November 28, published in press November 30.

As has become known to your correspondent, Marshal Malinovski informed representative of Chinese Govt, General Hsiung Shih-hui, in good time of plan to withdraw Soviet forces from Manchuria in conformity with Soviet-Chinese treaty of August 14. Plan provided for evacuating all Soviet troops from Manchuria by December 3, 1945. Recently, in conversations between Marshal Malinovski and General Hsiung, Chinese representatives repeatedly stated that Chinese Govt, was experiencing considerable difficulties in transferring its troops to Manchuria in view of presence in number of points of nongovernmental Chinese troops. According to available data, Chinese Govt taking into consideration situation which had developed in Manchuria stated to Soviet Govt that it would be in very difficult position in case of withdrawal of Soviet forces from Manchuria within the period fixed since it could not by that time either transfer its troops nor organize civil administration in Manchuria. In connection with this, [Page 1046] Soviet Govt gave consent to Chinese Govt to postpone withdrawal of Soviet troops from Manchuria for certain period which was received by Chinese Govt with great satisfaction. Soviet and Chinese sides also provided that conversations regarding this question would be carried on in Changchun between Marshal Malinovski and representatives of Chinese Govt.

Well-informed persons have stated to your correspondent that already in October during conversations in Changchun Chinese side raised question of landing Chinese troops in ports Dalni,89 Yingkow and Hulutao. Soviet command gave explanation that as according to Soviet-Chinese treaty Dalni is trade port intended for transporting goods but not troops, disembarking of troops must not take place in Dalni. In this connection it was pointed out that ports Yingkow and Hulutao might be used [by] Chinese Govt to disembark its troops.

Chinese Govt, further raised question before Soviet military command in Manchuria of rendering it assistance in disembarking Chinese Govt troops in ports Yingkow and Hulutao and also of transporting troops on Peiping-Mukden railway. Soviet military command replied to this request that in accordance with plan communicated in good time to Chinese side Soviet troops had already been withdrawn from ports Yingkow and Hulutao and also from regions south of Mukden and therefore Soviet command in Manchuria was unable to render requested assistance in these areas.

It has become known here that Chinese command intends in near future to transport its troops to Changchun and Mukden by air. Arrival of Chinese service personnel is expected shortly at Changchun airdrome to receive planes on which Chinese troops will be carried.

Sent Department 4018, repeated Chungking 227, Frankfurt and Tokyo.

  1. Dairen.