893.00/11–1545: Telegram

The Chargé in China ( Robertson ) to the Secretary of State

1992. Dr. Wang Shih-chieh, Minister for Foreign Affairs, in conversation with Chargé last evening, stated that so far National Govt had not been able to land any troops in Manchuria. Following inability to land troops at Hulutao and Yingkow (Embassy’s 1900, October 31 and 1959, November 1077), Chinese attempted landings by air at Changchun, but this was rendered impossible by concentration of Communist troops around air field. (Sent Dept; repeated Moscow.)

Dr. Wang further stated that most recent reports indicated that Russians had stripped (Embassy’s 1976, November 1478) and were shipping to Russia most of the equipment from Manchurian industries.

  1. For latter, see ante, p. 483.
  2. Not printed.