893.00/10–3145: Telegram

The Chargé in China ( Robertson ) to the Secretary of State

1900. Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Shih-chieh advises us as follows:

The Russians have persisted in their refusal to allow landing of Chinese Govt troops at Dairen. The Russians state landings will be permitted at Yingkou and Hulutao, both inferior harbors to Dairen. Large concentrations of Communist troops are reported near Hulutao. In order not to delay further movements of troops into Manchuria, Chinese will proceed with landings at these two ports but without waiving their right to land at Dairen. The Chinese staff at Changchun, including Generals Hsiung Hsi-fei, Director General of Headquarters, and Chiang Ching-kuo, Foreign Office Special Commissioner, are being denied freedom of movement by Russians.

He states that in opinion of Chinese Govt recent truculence of Communists and attitude exhibited by Russians have a direct relationship.

He says that negotiations with Communists were proceeding satisfactorily until September 24. Between September 24 and October 17 Communist troops cut every railway communication over which troops could be moved into liberated areas. He said further there had been repeated unprovoked attacks on Govt troops, mentioning specifically instance of heavy casualties to Govt forces when Communists suddenly and unexpectedly attacked in Shansi Province.

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Yenan broadcasts have made repeated attacks upon Govt and upon US policy. Minister Wang stated he considered it unwise to engage in public debates with Communists during period when efforts were being made to reach an agreement but that he would endeavor to keep us confidentially informed as to course of events and progress of conversations.

Wang Ping-nan, Communist liaison man, makes frequent visits to Embassy in interest of Communists (see Embtel 1884, October 29 and 1899, October 3174). The Embassy is unable to evaluate claims and counter-claims that are made but shall endeavor to present to you information given by both sides. We assume Dept is keeping Ambassador Hurley fully advised our telegrams this subject.

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