Mr. Chang Kia-ngau to the Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs ( Vincent )

Dear Mr. Vincent: My appointment to head the economic branch of the government in the Northeast (Manchuria) was announced while I was on my journey home. It is a position I have declined several times, but the urgency of the call and the need of the country left me no choice but to accept the appointment this time. My positions will be the Chairman of the Northeast Economic Commission and concurrently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Changchun Railway, which is a combination of the Chinese Eastern Railway and the South Manchuria Railways. My sphere of operation [Page 1033] will cover all the communication, industrial, mining, agricultural, forestry and financial enterprises of the Northeast (Manchuria).

I accepted the appointments with much misgiving, knowing the responsibility it carries. If I can make any contribution towards strengthening the economic structure of that part of the country I shall consider my efforts doubly repaid.

I am leaving for Changchun by plane tomorrow to discuss with the representatives of the Soviet Government on the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the Northeast. This the Soviet Government had promised to complete before the end of November.

In due course I hope the American consulate will be reopened in the Northeast to include in its staff members a few experts on Manchurian economies whom I have mentioned to you. I am sure this matter will receive your favorable attention.

With kindest regards [etc.]

Chang Kia-ngau