Memorandum by the Acting Secretary of State to President Truman

Subject: Transportation of Chinese Troops to Manchuria.

Premier T. V. Soong called on the Acting Secretary of State at 4 p.m., September 10. He had a message from the Generalissimo in which the Generalissimo stated that he had requested General Wedemeyer66 to inform the War Department of the Generalissimo’s urgent desire that vessels be furnished to transport Chinese divisions from Canton to Dairen. It is the Generalissimo’s desire that this transportation be furnished this month in order that Chinese troops can take up stations in Manchuria prior to the evacuation of the Russians which, according to the recent Sino-Soviet agreement,67 is to take place within three months after surrender. The Generalissimo desired that Premier Soong bring this matter to the attention of the President. Soong stated that he decided not to go direct to the President but hoped that Mr. Acheson would inform the President. Mr. Acheson said that he would do so.

Dr. Soong went on to explain that according to present advices transportation for Chinese troops to Manchuria would not be available until December which would, manifestly, be too late. He said that if National Government troops were not in Manchuria when the Russians evacuated Chinese Communist troops would be likely to move into the area. Mr. Acheson mentioned the movement of Chinese troops in China by plane to various points such as Shanghai and Peiping and asked Dr. Soong whether it would not be possible to move Chinese divisions overland into Manchuria. Dr. Soong said it would not be because of the condition of the railroads. Dr. Soong again stressed the urgency of making transportation available and said that probably three divisions would be involved (about 30,000 men) but he subsequently indicated he was not sure as to the number of divisions that would be required.

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Mr. Acheson again assured Mr. Soong that he would promptly inform the President of the Generalissimo’s request.

Dean Acheson
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