893.00/9–645: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Harriman ) to the Secretary of State

3188. Tass dispatch from Manchurian city Yantsi (presumably Yenki), published Red Fleet September 6, contains significant details concerning formation “democratic unions” and local administration under Russian tutelage in that city. (Sent Department 3188, rptd Chungking 150.) Tass correspondent relates conversation which he had in municipal administration office with Governor Yun, doctor philosophy and former university professor, who explained that until very recently only Japanese or pro-Japanese organizations were permitted to function in town but that at present time democratic unions are “arising spontaneously”. Over 1,000 persons are already enrolled in “union of workers and peasants”. This organization strives to improve working conditions laborers in fields and enterprises and “bears professional character”. Major task of town right now is restoration of cultural life. It is necessary to create “new local machinery of self-government,” a task in which, according to Governor, [Page 1027] “Soviet military authorities, commandant, chief of garrison, are constantly assisting us”.

To Embassy’s knowledge, this is first time Soviet press has revealed that Russians are supervising or encouraging political-organizational work in Manchuria.