Memorandum by Mr. Everett F. Drumright of the Division of Chinese Affairs

Chungking’s attached telegram No. 1062, June 28, 3 p.m.,55 which sets forth the substance of a report from Ward at Tihwa, indicates that earlier reports to the effect that Wu Chung-hsin had tendered his resignation as Chairman of the Sinkiang Provincial Government were erroneous or that the Government in Chungking refused to accept his resignation.

T. V. Soong’s reported statement to the Ambassador (last paragraph of attached telegram) seems, if anything, to add to the confusion existing in regard to the cause or causes of the disturbances in Sinkiang. Only a few days ago Ward reported General Chu Shao-liang as stating that the disturbances were Soviet-aided and that a settlement could only be obtained by diplomatic negotiations, whereas in the present instance we have the Chinese Foreign Minister stating it to be his opinion that they are due to “Chinese factional strife” and not being fostered by the Soviet Union.

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