Memorandum by Mr. Everett F. Drumright of the Division of Chinese Affairs

Reference is made to the attached Chungking telegram No. 1050, June 26, 8 a.m.,54 summarizing a report submitted by Ward in Tihwa.

[Here follows substance of last two paragraphs of telegram.]

It may also be pointed out that Wu Chung-hsin, present Sinkiang Provincial Chairman, returned to Tihwa on June 23, 1945. In all probability his return to Tihwa was dictated by the Generalissimo’s desires.

In the absence of detailed and factual information in regard to the situation in Sinkiang, the precise causes of the disturbances in Sinkiang and the possible relationship of Wu Chung-hsin thereto, and having consideration of the possibility that the Sinkiang problem will be discussed in Moscow, it is believed that no useful purpose would be served, at least for the present, by the U. S. Government’s suggesting to the Chinese Government that it replace Wu Chung-hsin with Chiang Ching-kuo.

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