Nanking Embassy Files, Lot F–73: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Hurley)

[White House No. 327.] Please deliver immediately the following message to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek from the President:

“In accordance with the message dated August 11,7 addressed by the United States to the Swiss Government for transmission to the Japanese Government in reply to the note received from the Swiss Government on August 10, 1945, I propose that General of the Army, Douglas MacArthur, be designated Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers to accept, coordinate and carry into effect the general surrender of the Japanese armed forces.

“If you will notify me of the designation of the officer you wish to act as your representative, I will instruct General MacArthur to make the arrangements necessary for your representative to be present at the time and place of surrender.

[Page 496]

“It is also contemplated that General MacArthur will direct the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters to have Japanese forces in China, other than those opposing the Russians, surrender unconditionally to you or your subordinate commanders.

“I am assuming that you are in general accord with the above procedure and am issuing preliminary instructions to General MacArthur to this effect. I request you advise me immediately of your designated representative so that I may notify General MacArthur. I suggest that direct communication with General MacArthur on such arrangements be initiated at once.”

  1. White House No. 323, August 11, p. 494.