893.00/10–345: Telegram

The Consul at Kunming ( Sprouse ) to the Secretary of State

218. An order issued by Central Government under date of October 2 appoints General Lu Han [as] Chairman of Yunnan Provincial [Page 471] Government and General Lung Yun [as] Chairman of Military Advisory Council at Chungking; Li Tsung-huang named Civil Affairs Commissioner in Yunnan (as successor Lu Chung-jen) and will also act as Chairman until Lu Han can assume post (sent to Department as 218, repeated to Chungking as 41).

Lung Yun apparently informed of order between 5 and 6 a.m. today at about the same time Central Government Fifth Army troops surrounded various points in Kunming and vicinity held by Yunnan Peace Preservation Corps, Gendarmerie and independent brigades allegedly in order to prevent possible resistance to carrying out Central Government order. These Yunnan forces reportedly unaware of situation are said to have opened fire and fighting between Fifth Army and Yunnan forces lasted several hours. Sniping in several sectors inside and outside city still going on at 3 o’clock this afternoon. Rifle, machine gun and mortar fire clearly audible at consular premises as well as whine of spent bullets, fighting occurring outside of north gate near Consulate. Marital law declared and streets being patrolled by Fifth Army troops. No one permitted to circulate freely on streets.

Commanding General United States Army here has issued orders American personnel remain in compounds and no such personnel allowed outside unless with identifying arm band and in vehicle with appropriate sticker. This order being announced over radio at regular intervals. Consulate General’s outside contacts limited to telephone.

Sao Tang Pao (Army organ) only newspaper published in Kunming today carried announcement Chungking order and was distributed by Fifth Army soldiers.