893.00/10–245: Telegram

The Chargé in China ( Robertson ) to the Secretary of State

1696. Dr. K. C. Wu, Minister of Information, requests that we convey the following to Ambassador Hurley.

The Communists have agreed to accept National Government’s proposal to allot them 20 divisions in the National Army. A Military Commission is to decide how soon Communist forces can be organized into 20 divisions. Members of the Military Commission will be [Communist] Chief of Staff, General Yeh Chien-ying, and certain other officers to be designated by Yeh representating the Communists and General Lin Wei-wen, Vice Minister of War, and General Liu Pei, Vice Minister of Military Operations, representing the National Government.

It has been further agreed that before the establishment of a constitutional government the National Government will organize a political council of 37 members representing Independents and all parties as follows: Kmt 9, CP 9, other parties 9, Independents 9, Chairman to be appointed by the National Government.

The political council will consider and make recommendations with reference to (a) policy for peaceful reconstruction, (b) whether People’s Congress shall be convened on November 12 as planned or postponed to a later date, and (c) draft of constitution to be submitted to People’s Congress.

The discussions of the political council shall be open, not secret. Its decisions shall be final and conclusive. Such resolutions as are adopted shall be carried out by the National Government in accordance with due process of law.

The Communists proposed that the council adopt a “system of absolute veto”. This would mean that all proposals would have to receive unanimous approval before becoming effective. National Government representatives have not yet agreed to this proviso.