893.00/9–345: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Harriman ) to the Secretary of State

3155. Rephrasing Hofman’s circumlocutions in August 31 Red Star (Embs 3128 and 312917), following statement emerges (to Department, repeated Chungking 142).

Current Chiang–Mao negotiations represent mutual attempt to surmount old differences and prepare China’s future. China’s future depends on prompt “democratic” reform. Yenan represents forces of “democratic” reform. But Japs seek to disrupt Chungking-Yenan relations. Success in thwarting these diversionist activities in China depends largely on vigilance of Chinese authorities in liberated areas. And vigilance depends on Chinese unity.

This seems to be a significant series of associations which leaves door open to place responsibility on Chungking if agreement with Yenan is not reached and can if Chungking does not make “democratic” concessions lead to accusations that certain Chungking elements collaborate with Jap diversionists. Same holds true for Chungking forces sent to liberated areas.

  1. Neither printed.