893.6363/1–1345: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Hurley)

74. Following the request of the National Resources Commission of China we have arranged with the Petroleum Administration for War to send to China two petroleum experts, Martin J. Gavin and Andrew N. Mackenzie, for the purpose of obtaining full data as to what immediate steps might be taken to maintain and expand the production, refining, and distribution facilities of the Kansu Oil Fields so as to achieve the maximum potential supply of oil from this source for war needs in that theatre.2 They will leave here about February 1, 1945. Please inform the Chinese Government and the U. S. Military Commander and advise the Department if these arrangements are agreeable. For your guidance the military authorities here have expressed their definite interest in securing this information.

  1. The interest of the Chinese Government in the mission was expressed in a letter of December 4, 1944, from Dr. C. S. Wang, Director of the Technical Office in the United States of the National Resources Commission of China (893.6363/1–1245).