857.9243/11–2645: Telegram

The Ambassador in Norway (Osborne) to the Secretary of State

704. We have now been able to get together a complete file on Jan Mayen.

Transmission to Dept of aide-mémoire of November 22 (reEmb’s 700, November 24) was held up 2 days at request of Foreign Office after Embassy called attention to its inquiries of the Norwegian Naval authorities in May and July 1945 (reDeptels Noweg 33, May 19,77 and 79, July 274) which had clearly been overlooked in drafting of aide-mémoire. Foreign Office eventually requested that it be forwarded [Page 106] as it stood, probably because copies had already been furnished Soviet and British Ambassadors.

I suggested to Lie this afternoon that, since our communications of last summer clearly indicated correctness of our attitude in regard to Jan Mayen, he would probably want to complete the record by informing British and Soviet Ambassadors concerning them. This he said he would do in a letter supplementing the aide-mémoire.

I also informed Lie of the substance of first paragraph of Dept’s 490, November 23.

Sent to Dept as 704; repeated to Moscow as 14.

  1. See footnote 72, above.
  2. Not printed.