860h.01/1–1645: Telegram

Mr. Alexander C. Kirk, Political Adviser, Allied Force Headquarters, to the Secretary of State 18

177. Macmillan19 said last evening that he had just been informed that the Foreign Office was instructing Halifax20 to inform Department of British position with regard to Tito-Subasic agreement since recent declaration of King Peter. He stated that he gathered from message he had received that Foreign Office was preparing to “throw over” King Peter.21 He added that Halifax had been told to tell us politely that it was all very well and good for United States to stall on Yugoslav situation, but that British Government was obliged to take a definite position and could not afford to take same “waffling” line as the State Department.

Repeated to Moscow as 17, London for Patterson as 33.

  1. This telegram was sent to the President as an enclosure to a memorandum by the Secretary of State on January 17, 1945, not printed.
  2. Harold Macmillan, British Minister Resident at Allied Force Headquarters.
  3. Lord Halifax, British Ambassador to the United States.
  4. President Roosevelt was informed personally of the British position in telegram No. 888 from Prime Minister Churchill on January 14, 1945. After mentioning King Peter’s declaration, the Prime Minister said: “We are now examining the situation to see how we can save the agreements and preserve the title of the Royal Yugoslav Government until the people or peoples of those mountainous regions have a chance of going to the poll.” A paraphrase of this telegram was sent to the Department in a memorandum from the British Embassy on January 16, 1945, not printed. (860h.01/1–1645)