860h.01/1–1245: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Yugoslav Government in Exile (Patterson) to the Secretary of State

Yugos 10. Just talked with Subasic regarding King Peter’s communiqué. He gave me copy of letter he was about to send to the King, the essence as follows:

I express my satisfaction at your decision to accept agreement I concluded with Tito. As authentic interpreter of the agreement I am sure that objections raised in your press statement can be resolved quickly and without difficulty and I beg for an audience at your earliest convenience.

Subasic then gave me 3-page statement which he was sending to Eden and I am transmitting it by air despatch.13 He concludes that King’s statement shows that King accepts agreement. He then proceeds to answer King’s objections to terms of agreement but answer is legalistic and does not appear to resolve the fundamental conflict between his and King’s viewpoints. He also complains that King published his views without previously consulting his government, pointing out that this action will cause doubts as to King’s observance of constitutional practices.

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Subasic said he had thought of resigning but decided it was his duty to remain in office to assist in creating a government that would be recognized by all the Allies so that Yugoslavia could help them in the war and not be a cause of dissension among them.

Repeated to Caserta as my 9 and to Moscow as my 9.

  1. Sent to the Department under cover of despatch 16, January 13, 1945, from the Ambassador to the Yugoslav Government in Exile at London; not printed.