124.61/11–1545: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) to the Secretary of State

3865. ReDeptel 2271, November 2. Department may be assured that we are continually pressing cases of Soviet spouses. I have today brought the Tolley case to attention of Vyshinski pointing out that Secretary Forrestal was interested in it.

On September 17 Mrs. Tolley and Mrs. Hirshfield again applied to renounce Soviet citizenship. They were told that under certain new regulations Russians marrying foreigners should apply for passports valid for foreign travel and were given to understand that if they did so they would be permitted to leave Soviet Union. They thereupon applied for foreign passports. Mrs. Tolley again applied for a passport on November 2 and was told that her case would be definitely settled within 3 weeks. She was unable to obtain any idea, however, whether case would be settled favorably.