124.61/9–1745: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman)

2211. Your airgram 231, Sept. 17, Dept’s telegram 2133 Oct. 12. Senator Connally,71 Representative Bloom,72 and Representative Sumner73 have inquired of the Dept regarding the case of Mrs. Louis M. Hirshfield.

Unless you feel that the case would be prejudiced by such action, you are requested to again take up with the SovFonOff.

Please explain why Mrs. Hirshfield is considered to be in a special category.74

  1. Tom Connally, Texas, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
  2. Sol Bloom, New York, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
  3. Jessie Sumner, Illinois.
  4. Mrs. Hirshfield earlier had some employment with the Soviet Government and had been employed since 1934 in the American Embassy in Moscow.