811.32/2–1745: Airgram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) to the Secretary of State

A–40. Reference is made to the Department’s airmail instruction no. 429 of January 26, 1945.54

Ensign Byron Uskievich was married on September 18, 1944 to Margarita Nikitichna Osipova. On October 28, Mrs. Uskievich filed a petition for the renunciation of Soviet citizenship. On December 6 the Embassy wrote a note to the Foreign Office requesting that the competent Soviet authorities be informed of its interest in Mrs. Uskievich’s case and its hope that action would be taken on it at an early date. To this communication no reply has been received. Ensign Uskievich left Moscow for the United States of [on] February 14, 1945.

The Embassy will give Mrs. Uskievich all possible assistance in her effort to obtain permission to leave the Soviet Union.

  1. Not printed.