Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Llewellyn E. Thompson, Jr., of the Division of Eastern European Affairs

I informed Mr. Kapustin, with reference to his inquiry made some time ago in regard to Lobanov and Pik,34 Soviet seamen who had deserted their ships, that after trial, Lobanov had been allowed to depart from the United States in lieu of deportation and had departed from Seattle during the month of January. I said that a similar trial of Pik had been held and that he had also been ordered departed to the Soviet Union unless he departed from the United States voluntarily within a limited time. Mr. Kapustin asked me to ascertain whether Pik had actually departed, and I said I would be glad to endeavor to do so.35

  1. The Counselor of the Soviet Embassy had made inquiries on January 30 and February 5 regarding developments in these two cases. He had been advised that no official reports had been received from the Department of Justice, but that he would be told as soon as any information was obtained.
  2. Pik had departed in February from Seattle aboard a foreign ship.