Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by the Acting Secretary of State

Mr. William Green of the American Federation of Labor telephoned to say that he had been advised that there was a possibility that the Soviet Government had been requesting the extradition of Mr. Victor Kravchenko, who was formerly with the Soviet Purchasing Commission. Mr. Green said that the American Federation of Labor would be strongly opposed to the granting of any application for extradition since it was felt that this would mean the loss of Mr. Kravchenko’s life.

I told Mr. Green that we have had this particular case before us for a long time, but that in the final analysis, the decision would rest with the War Department.26 I assured him that, in any event, the case would be settled only after a very careful exploration of the entire situation.

Joseph C. Grew
  1. The words “War Department” have been underscored and in the margin “Justice?” suggested. In a memorandum of January 20 to Mr. Grew, Mr. Bohlen had written: “… The Secretary suggests that you should see the Attorney General in order to ascertain from him whether he is planning to take up this case with the military authorities. The Department of State has done everything it can in the premises and the matter is now between the Attorney General and the military authorities.” (861.01B11/1–2045)