860J.404/7–745: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) to the Secretary of State

2455. July 4 press carried one-third column message from President of Armenian Church Assembly to Stalin declaring that through Soviet Government’s assistance Assembly had been able to elect Archbishop Geork Cheorkkchyan as Catholicos.5 It declared that “great is our joy and admiration in seeing unprecedented development of state and national life of our country”. We realize, continued message, “that all this has become possible only because the Armenian people has the happiness to be part of the great Soviet Union”.

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Concluding message stated “we sincerely hope that the political wisdom of the Soviet Union will find means and solutions for removing the injustice of which the Armenian people has been a victim since the First World War”.

Sent Department as 2445 [2455] repeated Ankara as 35.

  1. Kevork Chörekjian, locum tenens of Echmiadzin, acting head of the Armenian Church after the death of Catholicos Horen I in 1938. This church assembly was held in Echmiadzin, near Yerevan, June 16–25. The new Catholicos of Echmiadzin and Supreme Patriarch of All Armenians became known as Kevork VI. Three delegates from the California district of the Armenian Church in America reached Moscow on June 5 on their way to this assembly. Seven other delegates were reported as coming by sea from the east coast of the United States. In telegram 1925 of June 6, Ambassador Harriman declared: “It is obvious that arrangements would not have been made by the Soviet Govt for these delegates to attend the congress unless their participation was considered to advance Soviet interests.” (860J.404/6–645)