861.24/1–545: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman)

115. In connection with the questions raised regarding lend-lease supplies to the Lublin Poles, Tito, etc., referred to in your 58, January 5, the Department is of the opinion that you should, in discussing the note referred to in Department’s 2856, December 19,99 bring up the question of the transfer of lend-lease supplies to the Lublin and Tito forces. In this connection, you should make it clear that in compliance with the principles set down in the above-mentioned note, we feel that the Soviet Government should discuss with us in advance the question of the transfer of lend-lease supplies to these forces or [Page 964]others and give us details as to the amount of supplies turned over to them with a clear indication of the use to which these supplies are to be put. You may state that we recognize that there will be cases where such transfers will be in the interests of the common war effort.

For your confidential information, the Department is of the opinion that when either Polish, Yugoslav or other forces are operating under the direct control of the Soviet High Command and for all intents and purposes thus acting as integral parts of the Bed Army in the fight against our common enemy, we should raise no objection to the transfer of lend-lease supplies under these circumstances. On the other hand, if any indication should be received that these forces are using lend-lease supplies for political reasons, such as suppressing opposition groups in the countries concerned, we should immediately take the matter up with the Soviet authorities and inform them that in view of such developments we cannot consent to the further delivery of lend-lease supplies for re-transfer to the forces in question.

You should, of course, make no commitments in regard to lend-lease aid to the Lublin Government and should refer any requests or inquiries on this subject which you receive, either from Soviet or Polish sources, promptly to the Department.