811.20 Defense (M) Swiss Jewels/6–845

The Department of State to the Swiss Legation


As the Swiss Government is aware, the watch industry of the United States has been devoted almost exclusively to the production of items indispensable to the prosecution of the war during the last three years. During this time, the American market for civilian watches has been supplied by Swiss watches and watch movements, since American watches have been practically unavailable.

As the period of reconversion of the American watch industry to civilian production approaches, the Government of the United States is concerned at possible injury that might be caused to the American industry, especially during its reconversion period, in the event that excessive quantities of watches should be imported into the United States.

It would be appreciated, therefore, if the Swiss Government could provide in the near future an indication of the anticipated volume of exports of watches and watch movements to this country during the coming twelve months. Such an indication would provide this Government with a sound basis on which to judge whether there is a possibility that the American industry may suffer injury.