740.00112 E.W./3–745: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

1457. For Department, Treasury and FEA from Currie. Letters with Swiss delegation will be exchanged tomorrow and will be cabled you then. Letters incorporate all points mentioned in my 1397, March 5. We have secured virtually everything we hoped for and Swiss appear well satisfied. Stucki said that the strongest argument Federal [Page 785] Council was hope and expectation that suspicions abroad would be dispelled and Switzerland would gain in esteem and good will. Therefore, he hopes reaction will be favorable in America. Official joint communiqué here will be in generalities because of neutrality considerations. De Steiger34 has given me letter and special commemorative coin for the President.

Please inform Patterson35 of results and tell him that Charquéraud has given me letter undertaking on behalf of his Government to enforce all security measures requested by SHAEF in connection with transit traffic across France.

Will leave tomorrow for Paris and London. Expect to spend a week with Hawkins36 and then will go direct to Washington.

Repeated London 755, Paris 26. [Currie.]

  1. Apparently the reference is to Edward von Steiger, President of the Swiss Confederation.
  2. Presumably Robert P. Patterson, Under Secretary of War.
  3. Harry C. Hawkins, Counselor of Embassy for Economic Affairs in the United Kingdom.