740.00112 E.W./2–2245: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

1164. For Department, Treasury and FEA from Currie. Contrary to impression I received from Stucki and reported in my 1093, February 19,28 Swiss Government does not interpret absence of trade agreement with Germans as meaning end of all trade. Even our best friend[s] in government appear unyielding on subject of total stoppage. We have therefore indicated that we would discuss token delay under very limited and restricted conditions.

Northbound transit traffic in January fell to 7067 tons. We continue to press for complete cessation. We are also requesting that March 1 ban on electricity be extended to north Italy. My proposal that Japanese assets be frozen outside National Bank met with initial [Page 782] favorable hearing. We have also requested that freezing decree be extended to Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria and their nationals in Switzerland. In view of limited transit facilities we have suggested that Swiss subcharter some of their ships for time being to bring in civilian supplies to France. We pointed out probable adverse reaction throughout liberated Europe should Swiss stockpile raw materials in Spain. I have indicated that if response is satisfactory on these various points we would be prepared to make available up to 30,000 tons of coal per month. Please confirm. [Currie.]

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