740.00112 EW/1–1145: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Switzerland (Huddle)

202. We are endeavoring to draw up list of items of exports to Germany to be submitted to Swiss (paragraph 5 reurtel 207, January 11th repeated to London as 76) and have requested information from London (Department’s 255, January 12 to London9 repeated to you as 170) and from SHAEF at Paris.

Any information you may be able to obtain from your contacts in Swiss Government and Swiss business circles as to importance Germans attach to particular Swiss exports will be appreciated.

Please keep us informed as to when list of items should be submitted to Swiss in order to prevent commitments to Germans. If list needs to be submitted in few days and before further information can reach you the following are the Swiss exports to Germany which we believe, on the basis of general information, should either be reduced or have a nil quota:

753/756—precision instruments and M6—machine tools of all kinds, both of which we believe are of considerable importance to the Germans; 931—watch parts (reports from intercepts and intelligence sources indicate possibility parts used in direction finders, bearing parts, etc.); 862–867—aluminum and products; ex 971—vegetable alkaloids; M4—steam machines; and electrical machinery, equipment, [Page 770] and parts, which are included under several items under Annex I. If time should require that you present these items to the Swiss now you should indicate to the Swiss that the aforementioned items represent only our present and minimum desires and that we will undoubtedly wish to demand reduction or elimination of additional items in the future. You may also indicate to the Swiss that we will probably desire a reduction in net exports of electric power to Germany.

British Embassy here has received MEWs Arfar 64, January 12 and we will inform you shortly of our views on the subject.

Sent to Bern repeated to London as 303.

  1. Not printed.