740.00112 EW/1–945: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Switzerland (Huddle)

135. With reference to impending Swiss-German trade negotiations reported in British Legation Bern’s 4174, December 29, Department believes Swiss should be advised not to make any commitments which would preclude favorable agreement with us for 1945 trade matters. You are therefore requested, at your discretion, informally to indicate to the Swiss that any important commitments to Germans would create unfavorable atmosphere for future negotiations with us and render conclusion of satisfactory agreement most difficult, particularly as regards Swiss desiderata. Perhaps the Swiss might arrange for an “escape clause”5 such as was included in the Swiss-German agreement in September.

It is hoped that your British colleague will join you in this informal approach to the Swiss. If arrangements have been or are made shortly [Page 768] for resumption of French participation on Mixed Commission (Department’s 105, January 6,6 repeated to London as 138 and Paris as 63), we believe it would be helpful if French also associated themselves with the approach.

Sent to Bern repeated to Paris as 95 and to London as 193.

  1. Term relates to provision in some trade agreements for a party to agreement to withdraw certain concessions when unforeseen developments occur that threaten serious injury to the producers of certain articles covered by the agreement.
  2. Not printed.