811.79658/3–1945: Telegram

The Minister in Sweden (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

1067. My 972, March 12, 8 p.m. I mentioned to Foreign Minister Günther when I had occasion to see him recently our desires regarding release of interned bombers. I made no request of him but merely stated what we desired and our point of view and referred to my conversations on the subject with Acting Secretary General and other officials of Foreign Office. Mr. Günther had been informed of these talks and was sympathetic but did not commit himself and I avoided trying to get a definite opinion from him.

I have mentioned the matter again today both to Assarsson and Graftström. These very helpful officials have confirmed my opinion that it would be a mistake for us to press for too early a decision. Under such pressure answer might be negative. Both are fairly optimistic of some result if we allow Foreign Office to prepare the ground in political quarters. Assarsson told me that obstacle he must [most?] feared was the very conservative Minister of Defense.87 Favorable factor in this situation is that we have the full support of [Page 761]General Nordenskiöld and General Kellgren. The decision however will be made on a political and not a military level.

  1. Per Edvin Sköld.