740.0112 European War 1939/1–1045: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

333. For Department and Fleming, FEA, from Stone. At a meeting with Foot today the Counsellor of Swedish Legation, Gisle, mentioned for the first time the four points reported in paragraph 2 of Stockholm’s 65, January 5 to the Department (23 to London) setting forth the “conditions” under which the Swedish Government provisionally approved the Interim Agreement. Gisle explained that apparently a sentence in the original telegram from his Government had not been included in the version which reached him on December 30. (For your information, Gisle attached no conditions to Swedish acceptance when he informed MEW on December 30 as reported in Embassy’s 18 on January l.53) Foot replied that this misunderstanding had created an awkward situation as the British and American Governments had undertaken to continue basic rations, et cetera, on the understanding that the Swedes would fully observe the Tripartite Agreement as drafted. He added that if the misunderstanding has not been cleared up in Stockholm, the Swedes should at once agree to a standstill arrangement under which no deliveries would be made to Norway and Denmark and no trade would be permitted with Japan until the final agreement is concluded when Boheman returns to London.

I pointed out to Foot (who is cabling Stockholm) the importance attached by my Government to securing the adherence of the Swedish Government to the Tripartite Agreement without reservation to include the immediate stoppage of exports to Norway and Denmark.

Sent Department as 333; repeated Stockholm as 34. [Stone.]

  1. Not printed.