740.00112 EW/1–445: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

100. Department’s 10, January 3 to Stockholm which was repeated to London as Department’s 49. Unfortunately Falsterbohus sailed at noon, January 3 before any action could be taken with respect to her cargo.

Vessel carries certain items of cargo which were supplied the Swedes in connection with the Swedish undertaking to terminate all exports to Germany and German-controlled territory upon the arrival of the Saturnus. The Swedes have not observed this undertaking either in spirit or in letter. Please inform the British authorities that unless the Swedes have terminated all exports to Germany and German-controlled territory including Norway and Denmark by the time Falsterbohus arrives at the Faroes the United States Government desires that the vessel be detained and that certain items of her cargo be [Page 738] removed. Any consent given by this Government to the transit of these items through the blockade to Sweden may now be considered as withdrawn and voided.

Items are as follows: 287 tons carbon black and 38 tons tire cord fabric. This Government also withdraws its consent to the shipment of and desires to have removed from the Falsterbohus 50 tons of miscellaneous chemicals; 87 tons of tire accessories including 10 tons of bead wire; and 500 tons of copper wire and ingots. While these latter items (with the exception of the tire accessories and bead wire) were supplied under basic rations this Government feels that shipment of basic ration items must be contingent upon full satisfaction by Sweden of its obligations under the War Trade Agreement including the Interim Agreement which is provisionally in effect.

Stockholm Legation should inform Swedish authorities of foregoing.

Sent to London, repeated to Stockholm as Department’s no. 23.