The Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs (Lequerica) to the American Chargé in Spain (Buttemoorth)85


Mr. Chargé d’affaires: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Note of today’s date, in which you communicate to me the terms of a Protocol additional to the Air Transportation Agreement between the Spanish Government and the Government of the United [Page 730] States of America signed in Madrid on December 2, 1944, a Protocol which has been agreed to in the negotiations now concluded between both governments.

The terms of the said Protocol which Your Honor has communicated to me are the following:

[Here follow the terms of the Protocol as given in note No. 3801, printed supra.]

I have instructions to inform Your Honor that my Government accepts the terms of the Protocol in the form in which they have been communicated to me, and likewise that it agrees with Your Honor’s proposal that the said Protocol enter into effect on February 19, 1945, considering it therefore as being in force from the indicated date.

I avail myself [etc.]

  1. Copy transmitted to the Department in despatch 4070, February 20, 1945; received March 6.