852.00/12–1945: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Agent and Consul General at Tangier (Alling)

363. Legtel 417, Dec. 19.50 Following for your information only. US reply to French Note suggesting consultation requesting our views on possible joint break of relations with Spain recited record of official public statements on Spain and indicated our willingness to have informal talks with French and Brit to discuss frankly and realistically all aspects of the problem.

Brit reply reaffirmed their desire to see Franco replaced by representative and stable regime acceptable to majority of Spaniards. Brit conclude however that breaking relations now would be premature and unwise since they did not believe such action would lead speedily to desired result, that renewed civil war might ensue and that there might even be rallying to support of Franco. Certain practical [Page 708]considerations militating against rupture now were also to be mentioned orally by Brit Amb Paris in delivering reply to French For Min.

  1. Not printed.