852.00/8–2945: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain (Armour) to the Secretary of State

SS 28. I saw Foreign Minister for 2 hours last evening at his residence and during course of informal conversation endeavored once more to impress upon him importance of early and far reaching changes in present Spanish regime. He insisted that evolution is progressing as rapidly as could be expected and said that even greater changes may be expected in near future. It was readily apparent from conversation that situation continues to revolve in direction of restoration of monarchy.

He informed me that he planned to leave today for Galicia in order to see Franco prior to next meeting of Council of Ministers and promised to acquaint Caudillo28 with strong views which both British Ambassador and I have expressed on this subject.

I had short talk with Minister again today shortly before his departure for Galicia at which time he stated that Council of Ministers will probably be held in Madrid on or about September 7. I took advantage of occasion to refer to last night’s conversation and to ask if recent developments particularly Potsdam Declaration had not convinced him that there could be no solution to Spain’s problem until Franco handed over the reins of government. He replied that not only he but he believed Franco himself now realized this and that [Page 688] it was only a question of when and by what means this could be accomplished without rise of disorder.

By courier to Madrid.

  1. The Spanish Head of State, Generalissimo Franco.