871.6363/12–1445: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) to the Secretary of State

4160. On December 12 British Embassy addressed note to FonOff referring appointment on October 13 of Soviet delegation to Anglo-Soviet Commission experts to examine removal oil installations from Rumania stating that British delegation had been unable to contact Soviet delegation since last October15 and British Govt wish to learn when Soviet representatives propose resume work. Note further states that British representatives have regularly communicated fully documented evidence to Soviet representatives in support British claims answering every question put by Soviet representatives and establishing beyond doubt that all materials in question ordered, despatched, delivered and paid for on direct account British owned companies and cannot be regarded as in German ownership. On other hand Soviet representatives have failed produce any documents or arguments which could be held to refute British contentions despite fact that since material in question removed by Soviet authorities onus of proving removal justified clearly must rest on Soviet representatives. Under circumstances British Govt trusts very early proposals will be made by Soviet Govt for settlement of issue in manner satisfactory to British Govt.

Sent Dept as 4160, repeated Bucharest as 176.

  1. The last previous meeting of the Anglo-Soviet Commission was apparently held on October 23.