871.6363/8–1045: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Acting American Representative in Rumania ( Melbourne )

412. The following arrangements were made at Potsdam84 for dealing with problem presented by removal of oil field equipment from Rumania:

“The Conference agreed to set up two bilateral commissions of experts, one to be composed of UK and Soviet members, and one to be composed of US and Soviet members, to investigate the facts and examine the documents, as a basis for the settlement of questions arising from the removal of oil equipment in Rumania. It was further agreed that these experts shall begin their work within ten days on the spot.”85

Walters86 on return from Budapest and Col. Willcox87 should serve as US Reps on American-Soviet Commission. They are authorized to begin immediately preparatory work for the discussions. Other members may be added to the Commission subsequently. We hope to hasten arrival of oil company men recently admitted to Rumania some of whom will act as consultants to the US members of the Commission.

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British Embassy here has given us exchange of telegrams between London and Bucharest dealing with agenda and procedure of Anglo-Soviet Commission. Dept has communicated to Brit Embassy its agreement with Brit proposal for consultation in Bucharest between Brit and US experts before decisions are taken regarding terms of reference and procedure of the two commissions.

Meanwhile suggestions on procedure made by British are being studied by Dept and PAW.88

Walters should return from Budapest as soon as possible after completion of urgent work requiring his presence there (reurtel 527 Aug 789).

Sent to Bucharest; repeated to Budapest for Walters.90

  1. President Truman, British. Prime Minister Churchill (later Prime Minister Attlee), and Soviet Premier Stalin, with their advisers, met in conference at Berlin (Potsdam), July 17–August 2, 1945.
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  6. Not printed; it reported that Walters was making a brief trip to Budapest (123 Walters, Ray Pierce).
  7. Repeated to Budapest as telegram 288.