740.0011 EW/1–1245: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Norwegian Government in Exile (Osborne) to the Secretary of State

Noweg 5. Arrangements have been completed for Crown Prince Olav and one aide to fly to the United States next week. Foreign Minister Lie said yesterday that the Crown Prince would carry with him proposed overall plans for the transport of troops, ships, et cetera, for northern Norway together with the necessary supplies to maintain them for the next few months. SHAEF’s62 insistence that no further supplies (beyond the 6,000 tons already allocated) can be sent to northern Norway until the Russians have formally agreed to recognize the responsibility of the Norwegian Government for that theatre is in Mr. Lie’s opinion the wrong approach and in fact he expressed considerable impatience at this attitude of SHAEF’s and did not conceal the fact that the Crown Prince’s mission is in effect an effort to go over SHAEF’s head to the Joint Chiefs. He said that if the United Kingdom and United States will agree to sending Norwegian troops and ships plus the necessary supplies in sufficient numbers and quantities to insure an effective occupation of the liberated territory he will “stake his head” that the Russians will raise no objection to assumption of full responsibility by the Norwegian Government. Mr. Lie said he would let me see the overall plans to be carried by the Crown Prince as soon as they are ready. He also said he had taken this whole matter up with Mr. Eden63 who had requested that it be covered in a note for consideration by the War Cabinet.

  1. Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force.
  2. Anthony Eden, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.