740.00112 EW/4–2045: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant )

3108. ReDepts 2501, March 31, and 2806, April 11. Authorization has been received from President for Department and FEA to take action on proposed relief shipments from Sweden to Norway. Department prefers not to vest discretion in Embassy to act on these cases without reference since (a) we wish to be currently informed of all such proposals and (b) each proposal must be examined to determine whether it comes within the scope of our authorization to act. Now that the policy question has been determined, however, Embassy may be assured of prompt action in Washington on all such proposals.

Embassy is authorized to indicate American approval to following pending cases: [Page 54]

4500 tons seed potatoes (Embassy’s 3845, April 1459).

1000 tons dried peas (Stockholm’s 1087, March 20, repeated London as 59159).

4 tons baby outfits, JSC cases S/393 and S/397 (Stockholm’s 1394, April 16, repeated London as 80959).

Onward shipment to Norway from Sweden of second 2000 tons of lard from Argentina (Embassy’s 3745, April 1259).

100 tons of Swedish clothing (Stockholm’s 1144, March 26, repeated London as 625,59 and Department’s 573, March 28 to Stockholm repeated London as 240759).

5000 tons super-phosphate (Stockholm’s 991, March 14, repeated London as 53059). Increase in reserve under home supply arrangement requires further consideration and authorization to agree to an increase is being withheld.

10,000 tons of Swedish flour (reDepts 540, March 23 to Stockholm repeated London as 227459).

We must emphasize the increasing necessity for the strictest kind of supervision over distribution of relief shipments sent to Norway with a view to preventing the utilization of any such supplies by German forces. It would be most unfortunate if pocketed German units cut off from other sources of supply were able to subsist themselves from seized relief shipments and thus be enabled to hold out. In this connection Department draws attention to fact that very few reports covering distribution of previous shipments have been received in Washington. It is hoped that the preparation of such reports will be expedited and it is requested that copies of all such reports be forwarded to Department.

With reference Embassy’s 3078, March 24, MEW and Norwegians may be informed that in principle this Government favors modest relief shipments from Sweden which can be made without compensation. However, each case should be referred to Washington. Agreement in principle cannot be given to proposals involving compensating shipments although this need not preclude the submission of such proposals for consideration. Proposed direct trans-blockade shipments to Norway are outside authority of Department and FEA to decide. Therefore, any such proposal would have to be considered in consultation with other interested American authorities.

Inform Osborne.

Sent London as Department’s 3108, of April 20, repeated Stockholm.

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