The Secretary of State to the Norwegian Ambassador ( Morgenstierne )

The Secretary of State presents his compliments to His Excellency the Norwegian Ambassador and has the honor to refer to the Embassy’s note dated February 15, 1945 in regard to the desire of the Norwegian Government to ship from Sweden to Norway grain seed for distribution to Norwegian farmers.

While the amount given in the Embassy’s note under reference was 10,000 tons, it will be recalled that this figure subsequently was reduced to 6700 tons in accordance with information furnished the Department by Mr. Irgens.45

Mr. Stettinius is pleased to be in a position to inform Mr. Morgenstierne that the competent American authorities have indicated their approval of the proposed shipment of seed. The American Embassy at London was informed accordingly on March 28 and since [Page 46] it is understood that the British authorities likewise have indicated their approval of the shipment, it is expected that the initial consignments of seed will go forward from Sweden immediately.

  1. Francis Irgens, Counselor of the Norwegian Embassy.