Moscow Embassy Files: 800 Rumania

The People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union (Molotov) to the American Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman)2


Dear Mr. Ambassador: In reply to your letter of March 5 concerning events in Rumania, I have the honor to inform you herewith that the point of view of the Soviet Government on the situation in Rumania was exhaustively set forth in my letter to you of March 4. At the same time I presume that the question raised in your letter has lost its keenness by this time inasmuch as the government crisis in Rumania brought on by the terroristic policy of Radescu, which was incompatible with the principles of democracy, has been overcome by the formation of the new government.

Please accept [etc.]

V. Molotov
  1. This letter was summarized and partially quoted in telegram 683, March 8, from Moscow, not printed.