740.00112 E.W./3–2945: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Norwegian Government in Exile ( Osborne ) to the Secretary of State

Noweg43 36. Norwegian Government will find it extremely difficult to understand any change of policy tending to create additional obstacles to trans-blockade relief at a time when Norway’s food position has deteriorated seriously and when military events would certainly seem to Norwegians to justify relaxations in this type of relief rather than greater strictness (reference Department’s telegram No. 2348 of March 27, noon, to Winant).

The amounts of supplies being sent from and via Sweden are relatively negligible and should under all circumstances be continued if not increased. If we now reverse our policy and become more hard boiled than British we must not be surprised if British prestige reaps the benefit; nor must we be surprised if postwar position of Norwegian Government and with it political stability in Norway are adversely affected.

  1. Series designation for telegrams to and from the American Mission to the Norwegian Government in Exile, at London.