Department of Defense Files: Telegram

The Chief of the United States Military Representation on the Allied Control Commission for Rumania (Schuyler) to the War Department

M 464. Yesterday in view of continued tense political situation and on Mister Berry’s suggestion, I made a strong plea to Vinogradov for another meeting of the three chief representatives, ACC. Instead Vinogradov arranged a meeting with me only. However AVM Stevenson, having learned of it, also showed up.

I urged immediate decision as to public announcement of Commission’s attitude, along lines which I recommended at previous meeting. I pointed out once again the importance of taking all possible steps to avoid civil war and stated that responsibility for any further postponement of this important stabilizing action by the Commission must rest with General Vinogradov himself. As an example of tenseness of the situation I referred to a provocative and inflammatory article which appeared that morning in local Communist newspaper Scanteia. Article refers in violent tone to Fascist’s crimes committed by followers of Maniu and Radescu and is by implication a call for armed uprising by workers to avenge their wrongs. I pointed out that such an article must itself have been written by a pro-Nazi with the primary intent of sabotaging Rumania’s war effort and suggested strong measures by the Commission against the newspaper. Stevenson fully supported me on both counts.

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Vinogradov replied that my recommendations for public announcement of policy by ACC had been referred to Moscow and he could do nothing until reply is received. He accepted full responsibility in name of Malinovsky43 for the delay. He said he had not read newspaper article in question, that he would study it carefully and render a decision.

I doubt that favorable action will result from either of my recommendations. However I feel this delegation has now done everything possible to avert open conflict. It is possible that by a continued display of active concern on our part the Russians may be influenced to discourage at least temporarily further local Communist aggression. NDF parties are still relatively small in numbers and I believe that any invitation [indication?] whatever of Russian disapproval of their present activities would cause a collapse of their current efforts to secure full governmental control. Full report of meeting follows by mail.44 Throughout this critical period all actions taken and views expressed by me have been thoroughly discussed and coordinated with Mister Berry beforehand.

  1. Marshal of the Soviet Union Rodion Yakovlevich Malinovsky, Commander of the Second Ukrainian Front and Chairman of the Allied Control Commission for Rumania.
  2. The Minutes of the Joint Meeting of Senior Representatives of the Allied Control Commission for Rumania on February 22, 1945, were transmitted to the Department in despatch 132, February 22, 1945, from Bucharest; neither printed.