740.00.119 Control (Rumania)/3–545

King Michael of Rumania to President Roosevelt 8

Dear Mr. President: During the past four years, unfortunate circumstances and unworthy rulers have forced Romania to follow a policy and to fight a war which has been contrary to her tradition and her vital interests, in opposition with My will and the beliefs of the great majority of My people.

On August 23, 1944, with the help of God, I was able to bring My country back on the right way, the way which leads to the triumph of justice, to liberty of nations and to the respect of human dignity along with her natural and traditional allies.

I had the conviction that in carrying out this act in the manner which I did served the interest of not only My people, but also the people of all the United Nations. In view of these facts, I beg you to listen to the voice of the Romanian Nation. It is the voice of a Nation whose history, sufferings and qualities, make it worthy of notice. It is the voice of a Nation who has no other ideal than to rid itself through great sacrifices of the terrible weight of a recent past and thus by this to regain the modest but honorable place it deserves among all peace loving countries.

If the sacrifices which were made could be estimated as to their real value, and if our way could be made a bit easier, then being completely confident that I did the duty I was destined to do, I could wait with a clear conscience for the dawn of to-morrow.

But unfortunately I realize that this is not possible at the present moment. I have expressed My thanks to the glorious Red Army for the help given us regaining North Transylvania which has always been so dear to the hearts of all true Romanians.

At the present time, I am held by a painful and serious anxiety as to our future, having observed the attitude of various representatives of the U.R.S.S. in Romania, who in many cases have not at all understood our problems.

I wish to call Your attention to the inclosed note,9 which sets forth some of the reasons of My anxiety. It is for You to judge if these reasons are well founded, knowing the spirit of high justice which has governed all Your actions in the past. If You agree with the reasons [Page 466] set forth in the note, I hope You will be inspired to action, the form and time of which You alone can decide.

I am hoping that in the future Romania can faithfully wait for the happy effects and beneficial influences of a just judgment by the President of the Great United States of America.

Therefore, I beg You Mr. President to accept the assurance of My highest consideration and of my most sincere wishes for your country and for yourself.10

Michael R
  1. This letter was transmitted to the President under cover of a memorandum dated March 5, 1945, from William J. Donovan, Director of the Office of Strategic Services; the memorandum read in part as follows: “King Michael handed the letter to an OSS officer in Bucharest with the statement that he was pleased to have an opportunity to transmit his views to you unofficially.” (740.00119 Control (Rumania)/3–545)
  2. The enclosed note of 36 pages not printed.
  3. The final phrase beginning “and of my most sincere …” together with the date line were handwritten by King Michael.