740.00119 PW/9–1945

The Ambassador in Portugal (Barueh) to the Secretary of State

1962. Governor of Portuguese Timor reports only one Japanese officer and 130 men now in colony. All of the other Japanese have gone to Dutch part of island. Governor also reports that administrative life of colony completely reestablished and that by September 21, civil reoccupation all points will be completed.

Two Portuguese warships and one transport left Colombo direct for Timor 2 days ago. Another warship and transport are ready to [Page 462] leave Lourenço Marques for Timor direct and await only authorization British Admiralty.

Sense of Department telegram 1513, September 1745 conveyed orally to Mathias [of] Foreign Office last night who extremely pleased our attitude. Formal communication will be made today.

  1. Same as telegram 8075, September 17, to London, supra.