860C.51/10–1445: Telegram

The Ambassador in Poland (Lane) to the Secretary of State

408. Foreign Office in note dated October 10 refers to unofficial conferences between members of American delegation and those of Polish delegation at Potsdam regarding imminent negotiations at Washington on subject of credit to Poland and exchange of goods.28 Note states regardless of ultimate result of such negotiations Government desires to purchase on credit materials declared surplus by American Army and for this purpose Zygmunt Jan Modzelewski proceeded to Paris on October 10 (my telegram 351, October 529).

Note requests that Export-Import Bank advance credit of 50 million dollars be opened immediately for purchase of such surplus army materials and states this sum would subsequently be included in global credit for which negotiations are to take place in future.

In considering this request it is hoped that Dept will take into consideration recommendations made in my telegram No. 403 of October 13, noon.

The advancing of a 50 million dollar credit at this time might be interpreted as a tacit admission that we are prepared to meet Poland’s credit needs in toto.

  1. See footnote 92, p. 376.
  2. Not printed; it reported that Modzelewski was expected to go to Paris, together with several vehicle experts, to arrange contracts for surplus American army material (860C.24/10–545).